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Yogi govt's instructions to doctors in UP, to write generic medicines on patients' prescription

Following the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, instructions have been issued by the health department to the doctors of all the government hospitals in the state that the doctors of the government hospitals should now write the names of generic medicines in the prescription.

New Delhi: All the doctors have been directed to ensure compliance that they write the medicines in their prescription by generic name only. Along with this, orders have been given to regularly supervise the cleanliness in the hospitals. Along with this, it has been said that the critical performance parameters of the hospital will be analyzed every month.

Instructions for better arrangements in hospitals

Principal Secretary Health Partha Sarathi Sen Sharma has issued instructions for better arrangements in government hospitals. He directed that every director, chief medical officer, chief medical officer, in-charge medical officer and superintendent should not only analyze the parameters of the critical performance of the hospital every month but also analyze it doctor-wise that each doctor by whom OPD surgeries are being performed. How many patients are being seen by them?

What are the instructions given by the Principal Secretary?

The Principal Secretary instructed that the data of the functionality of the equipment should be made available in the Care App on a regular basis on every Monday. After this, wherever any equipment does not remain functional for a long time, the Additional Director, Electricity should be contacted directly.

He said that soon monitoring of 108 hospitals would be done through Integrated Covid Commander Center (ICCC). CCTV cameras have been installed at important places in these hospitals and the SOP for what is to be seen from each camera has also been decided. He has given instructions that all the Chief Medical Superintendents will not only ensure that the CCTVs are functional at all times, but will also ensure that point-wise SOPs are followed at their level.

"Signboard to be updated regularly"

The Principal Secretary instructed that according to the standard, the medicines which are available in the drug warehouse of the district if there is no suitable reason, should be ensured to get them in the hospital and make them available to the patients.

He directed that the availability of medicines should be displayed through a signboard near the medicine counter in such a way that the general public can see it easily. Sign boards should be updated regularly.

The Principal Secretary directed that adequate duty of doctors and paramedical staff should be imposed in the emergency area and arrangements for ambulances, wheelchairs, stretchers and essential medicines and equipment etc. should be ensured for the patients there. The quality of the food provided in the IPD wards should be regularly checked and testimonials from the patients and their attendants should be recorded and shared with the concerned people


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