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A new feat in the history of AI, now with the help of ChatGPT it will be possible to post on social

By integrating ChatGPT, creators will be able to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in crafting their Ku posts. The Generative AI feature will help creators in many ways.

New Delhi: Since ChatGPT stepped in, there has been a stir in organizations ranging from social media to content writing. Someone is saying that it will end the job, then according to someone, it will help in making the work easier than before.

Meanwhile, India's microblogging platform Koo App today announced that it has launched a new feature to enable creators to post and draft via ChatGPT. This feature has been made available for famous or verified profiles on the Koo app and will be rolled out to all users soon.

Will the way of working change with the arrival of ChatGPT?

The integration of ChatGPT will enable creators to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in crafting their Koo posts. The generative AI feature will help creators in a number of ways, including commands such as finding top news stories of the day or quoting a few lines from a famous personality or asking them to write a post or blog on a specific topic in a draft. Creators will be able to type their message or question to ChatGPT in the Koo app or use the Koo app's voice command feature with their voice without typing.

Be the first app to bring these features

Koo Apps Co-Founder Mayank Bidawatka said, “Koo Apps is at the forefront of bringing the latest updates. We are focused on helping creators express themselves and build a community on the platform. We're always looking for ways to make the content creation process easier for our users, and adding ChatGPT will give creators instant intelligent help. We are the first microblogging platform in the world to add this tool and expect creators to be amazed at the variety of ways this intelligent tool can be used.”

Koo App is constantly innovating to provide many world-first and unique features for the microblogging 2.0 era. These include free self-verification, talk-to-type for Koo posts, the ability to edit Koo, and multilingual Koo (MLK) features that instantly translate a single post into multiple languages for patent submission. It also recently launched Koo Coins, a loyalty program that rewards users on a daily basis for being engaged with the platform. It has adopted the best all-encompassing approach to microblogging which ensures that everyone involved is in a win-win.


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