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'After Rahul Gandhi became the leader, the level of Congress kept falling: Amit Shah

Amit Shah said, "It is a matter of concern for me and for everyone that the level of party functionaries is falling day by day since Rahul Gandhi became the leader of the Congress."

New Delhi: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah strongly condemned Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera's choice of words for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that ever since Rahul Gandhi became the leader of the opposition party, its members The level is falling every day. Shah said at a public meeting in Nagaland, “The kind of language used by the spokesperson of the Congress for the Prime Minister and the kind of reaction that has come from the people across the country.

'Congress won't be visible even through binoculars after 2024 Lok Sabha elections'

Amit Shah said that Rahul Gandhi, will see that after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Congress will not be visible even through binoculars. People will answer by voting.” Shah neither mentioned the objectionable word nor took the name of the Congress leader. However, it is believed that the Home Minister's statement could be in the context of Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda's statement in which the Prime Minister was called Narendra Gautam Das Modi.

Pawan Kheda gave a controversial statement

Kheda had given this statement while criticizing the government regarding the controversy related to the group of industrialists Gautam Adani. The full name of Prime Minister Modi is Narendra Damodardas Modi. Damodardas is his father's name. In many parts of the country, there is a tradition of keeping the father's name between the first name and the surname. Shah said that the Prime Minister is respected all over the world and he has brought happiness in the lives of 80 crore people of the country and ensured the country's security and development.

He said, "I strongly condemn the use of such language for such a dear Prime Minister of ours." Since its formation, the level of party officials is falling day by day.

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