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After wreaking havoc in Turkey, two major earthquakes again, 3 dead, more than 200 people injured

Two major earthquake tremors have been felt once again in Turkey. So far three people have died and more than 200 people have been injured. 32 aftershocks have also been reported after the earthquake.

New Delhi: After the death of more than 47000 people in the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, once again two major earthquake tremors have been felt in Turkey. According to the information, 32 aftershocks have also come after the earthquake. At least three people were killed and 213 others were injured after two fresh earthquakes rocked Turkey's southern Hayate province, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu was quoted as saying by Anadolu Agency. Turkey's interior minister also said that search and rescue operations were underway at the three sites.

Two major earthquakes in a span of five minutes

The country's disaster management agency said two major earthquakes were felt on Monday evening. The earthquake occurred in Turkey's southernmost Hayate province. Let us tell you that two weeks before this, there were several tremors of an earthquake in this area which caused havoc. According to Turkey's Anadolu Agency, citing the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), local time (1704 GMT) night in Hatay There was an earthquake at around 20.04, whose magnitude was 6.4. Then again, a second earthquake of magnitude 5.8 struck three minutes later, with its epicentre in the Samandag province of Hayate.

The first earthquake occurred at a depth of 16.7 km (10.4 mi), while the second was at a depth of 7 km (4.3 mi). Both were felt in the surrounding areas. The earthquakes of two weeks ago, although centred in Kahanmaras, 100 kilometres or more away from Hayate, caused extensive damage in Hayate, reports Anadolu Agency.

41,000 people have died in Turkey so far

AFAD issued a warning urging citizens to avoid coastal areas as a precaution against the risk of sea level rise, which could reach 50 centimetres (1.6 ft). Turkey's Vice President Fuat Oktay called on citizens in the region to stay away from damaged buildings as authorities investigate the affected areas. The agency reported that Turkey still has not come out of the pain of losing at least 41,000 people and another earthquake hitting the country. Officials say millions of people who survived the quake are in need of humanitarian aid, with many more left homeless by the freezing temperatures. About two weeks later a massive earthquake killed thousands.


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