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Air quality in Delhi-NCR will get worse, need to remain careful

Delhi-NCR does not seem to be getting rid of air pollution. According to travel, the condition of air quality in Delhi will remain the same today. However, the situation regarding Noida seems to be changing. The air in Noida has been predicted to get worse.

New Delhi: With the increase in cold, the air of Delhi-NCR starts deteriorating. Delhi's air quality was recorded in the 'very poor' category on Wednesday. The Air Quality Index in the capital today reached 354. According to travel data, the air of Delhi will remain the same on Thursday as well. However, SAFAR also said that the air quality in Noida may fall in the 'severe' category and the PM 2.5 level is expected to reach 415.

The situation in Delhi is getting worse due to pollution. Elderly and children are finding it difficult to breathe in the air of Delhi. Today on Wednesday, the Air Quality Index of the whole of Delhi reached 354, which comes in the category of very poor. At the same time, there is AQI-349 on Delhi's Lodhi Road, which is also very bad. The AQI has gone up to 387 near Delhi University and 388 on Mathura Road. This also falls under the category of very bad.

Doctors' advice for children and the elderly

In view of the deteriorating air quality, doctors in the city have also advised people, especially children and the elderly, to stay indoors. During this, breathing problems can become serious. Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai also appealed to people to work from home and avoid using private vehicles amid rising pollution levels in the city.

Air Quality Index on Mathura Road

Pusa recorded AQI-359 in the 'very poor' category, while PM 10 was recorded at 269 under the 'poor' category. At Lodhi Road, the Air Quality Index with PM 2.5 concentration stood at 326 under the 'very poor' category and PM10 at 239 under the 'poor' category. In Ayanagar, PM 2.5 stood at 345 in the 'very poor' category, while PM 10 reached 299 in the 'poor' category. The air quality index on Mathura Road in the city was also in the 'very poor' category, with PM 2.5 at 355 and PM 10 concentration at 289 under the 'poor' category.

Air quality in Gurugram

According to SAFAR's forecast, the city's air quality will remain in the 'very poor' category on Thursday, with the PM 2.5 level reaching 359 and PM 10 level reaching 315 in 'very poor' category. However, Delhi's neighbouring cities Noida's Air Quality Index stood at 393 under 'very poor' category and PM10 concentration at 266 under 'poor' category, while Gurugram's AQI stood at 318 under 'very poor' category and 'moderate' category. Under PM10 concentration was recorded at 185.

It is noteworthy that the air quality index i.e. AQI between zero to 50 is 'good', 51 to 100 'satisfactory', 101 to 200 'moderate', 201 to 300 'poor', 301 to 100 Between 400 is considered 'very poor' and between 401 and 500 is considered 'severe'.


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