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Amritsar Fire Incident: Hospital engulfed in flames after the explosion, 650 people evacuated

A massive fire broke out in Guru Nanak Dev in Amritsar, Punjab on Saturday afternoon. 650 people have been safely evacuated from the hospital. No one has been injured in the accident.

Amritsar: Amritsar Fire Incident latest Update: A massive fire broke out in Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Punjab on Saturday afternoon. According to the information, the sound of a big explosion was heard near the OPD after which the nearby building was engulfed in flames. The fire was so fierce that flames and smoke could be seen from a great distance. The fire soon took over the skin and cardiology ward as well.

650 people were safely evacuated from the hospital

On getting information about the incident, fire brigade vehicles reached the spot. The fire was brought under control after a lot of effort. The fire caused a loss of lakhs to the hospital. Thankfully no one was injured in this accident. 650 people were evacuated from the hospital to a safe place.

Fire after explosion

The hospital staff immediately took the patients to a safe place. Hospital officials have confirmed an explosion in the hospital. He said that two electrical transformers installed near the OPD exploded, which caught fire.


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