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Asia Cup 2023 Venue: Matches will be played in Pakistan only! Exception for Indian Team

Asia Cup 2023 is to be held in ODI format which is officially hosted by Pakistan. A big update has come to the fore in the venue controversy that has been going on for some time.

New Delhi: There was a lot of deadlock going on for some time regarding the venue and hosting of the Asia Cup 2023. Pakistan was officially supposed to host the tournament but India refused to host it. Recently, a meeting of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) was also held regarding this, in which no specific solution could be found. Now according to the latest information, a big update has come out on the venue of the matches. According to this latest news, its hosting will not be snatched from Pakistan and Team India will not have to go to Pakistan either.

According to the new update, India may be offered to play its matches in UAE. Sources of the Pakistan Cricket Board have given this information. In such a situation, if India reaches the final, the final will also be held in UAE. An emergency meeting of the Asian Cricket Council was held in Bahrain on February 4. Earlier, ACC had released its schedule in which Pakistan was not mentioned as the host of the tournament. Speaking to the media here, PCB chief Najam Sethi said that there will be further talks on this issue on the sidelines of the ICC meeting next month as the issue is yet to be resolved.

He had said what happened in the ACC meeting and what should I say on this. No solution was found. On the other hand, some reliable sources have now said that, there is a possibility that Pakistan will continue to host the tournament but some matches will be held in UAE and India will play all its matches there (in UAE). If India reaches the final, the final will also be held there. Significantly, the Asia Cup is to be held in Pakistan in September this year but BCCI secretary and ACC chief Jay Shah had said in October last year that the Indian team would not go to Pakistan.

What is the whole matter?

If we talk about some past controversies, last year Pakistan got hosting for the Asia Cup 2023. After this BCCI Secretary Jai Shah refused to go to Pakistan. Then the controversy escalated and the then PCB chairman Rameez Raja refused to come to India for the ODI World Cup 2023. The dispute did not stop there, even after the departure of Rameez Raja and the arrival of Najam Sethi, the matter did not calm down. There was a meeting regarding this in Bahrain, but no decision could be taken in that also. It was said to decide on the place in the next meeting. Now there is talk of the PCB making this offer to the ACC. It is very easy to hear. Now it has to be seen whether the BCCI agrees on this in the next ACC meeting.


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