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Celebrations of Christmas-New Year banned, Delhi government took steps due to the danger of Omicron

DDMA issued instructions in this regard on Wednesday. In these, any kind of gatherings have been banned in the celebration of Christmas and New Year. Entry has also been banned in shops without a mask.

image courtesy: jagran news

New Delhi: In view of the increasing threat of the new variant of Corona, Omicron, the Delhi government has taken a big decision. Any kind of gatherings have been banned during Christmas and New Year celebrations. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has issued instructions in this regard. In these, the district magistrates have been asked to identify the areas in Delhi which can become the Covid-19 super spreader.

DDMA in its order has asked all the District Magistrates and District DCPs to ensure that there is no gathering on Christmas or New Year in the capital. No such program or event should be allowed where there is a possibility of large gatherings of people.

Not only this, DDMA has also given strict instructions to ensure that the entry of people in shops and workplaces without masks is banned. Only people wearing masks should be allowed to go here.

The DDM has taken these precautionary steps in view of the increasing threat of the new variant of Corona, Omicron. As the winter progresses, the government has also become alert due to the sudden increase in the cases of corona. She is keeping a close watch on every situation.

Strictness is being taken on violation of rules

Amid rising cases of Omicron, authorities have stepped up efforts to ensure compliance with COVID-19 friendly practices. In this episode, till the 18th of this month, about 68 thousand people have been fined for not wearing masks, not following social distance etc. This has been disclosed in the official figures. Last month, Delhi government's enforcement teams fined 1,12,076 people for violating COVID-19 friendly behaviour, while the police challaned 4,675 people for not wearing masks during the same period.


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