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Corona in UP: Health department alerts about the possibility of the fourth wave

The health department has become alert regarding the possibility of the fourth wave of the corona. The relatives of the symptomatic patients will be examined. Without masks, admission will not be given in government hospitals.

New Delhi: The health department has become alert regarding the possibility of the fourth wave of corona. Instructions have been issued to all government hospitals to strictly follow the Kovid rules. Patients and relatives will not be allowed to enter OPDs and wards without masks. At the same time, if there are symptoms in the patient with the patient, they will also be examined. Till now, the attendants were not being screened in government hospitals.

As soon as the cases of Corona decreased, carelessness started everywhere. Be it markets, malls or hospitals, people started arriving without masks. Social distancing rules also collapsed. Doctors believe that this may increase the risk. CMO Dr. Manoj Aggarwal says that there is a need to be very cautious about Corona. People should avoid going in the crowd. Along with following social distance, you must also wear a mask.

He told that now without mask entry will not be allowed in OPD and emergency. At the same time, those who have symptoms will be examined. If positive, the sample will be sent to KGMU for genome sequencing to find out if any new variants have come up.

The pace of corona infection in the capital is accelerating once again. After about 20 days, 10 new cases of infection were found in a day. On Friday, new cases were found in many other areas including Aliganj, Chowk, Alambagh, Gomtinagar and Indiranagar. With this, the number of active cases increased to 29. For the last few days, the number of new cases of infection was staying in the unit itself.

According to CMO Dr. Manoj Aggarwal, the hospitals have been instructed to follow the Kovid rules by issuing an alert. According to him, there is a need to be very careful regarding Corona. Avoid leaving the house unnecessarily. Instructions have been issued to get people with symptoms tested for corona in OPD and emergency of hospitals.

Vaccination will be done in 253 schools

The Health Department is preparing to vaccinate the children of 12 to 14 years of corona at the earliest. For this, vaccination will start in 253 schools from Saturday. A target of vaccination of 34,430 children has been set. District Immunization Officer Dr. MK Singh informed that immunization of children of this age group is going on in the district since March 16. Till now, the vaccine was being administered in 30 schools. Now the campaign will run in 253 schools. At the same time, the vaccine will also be available in PHC. After four weeks its second dose will be taken.


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