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Delhi engulfed in stubble and haze in Punjab, know how deadly NCR's air is today

Delhi-NCR Pollution: Not only in the national capital, Delhi, but also in Punjab and Haryana, there is a bad situation due to pollution. The smoke from stubble is increasing the risk of burning eyes, difficulty in breathing and lung diseases.

New Delhi: There was no respite from the increasing pollution after the fireworks on Diwali that the cases of stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana have increased the concern about pollution. Not only in the capital Delhi, Punjab and Haryana are also in bad condition due to pollution. The smoke from stubble is increasing the risk of burning eyes, difficulty in breathing and lung diseases. Despite lakhs of efforts of the government, farmers are not stopping from burning the stubble and they are telling their compulsion to burn the stubble.

Farmers demand for not burning stubble

Farmers say that the government should arrange proper machinery for the disposal of stubble and pay to the farmers for stubble, only then the burning of stubble can be stopped. Farmers also demanded for its purchase by setting up a market of stubble on the lines of grain market. This is the condition of Amritsar district. Despite all the efforts of the government, the farmers are not stopping from burning the stubble. To stop stubble burning, farmers have demanded Rs 7 thousand per acre from the government.

Administration running special campaign

Many cases of stubble burning have also been reported in Kaithal, Punjab. The district administration is running a campaign to stop stubble burning. The villages of the district are divided into three parts: Red, Yellow and Green Zone. Special attention is being paid to prevent farmers from burning stubble in the Red Zone. Even in Punjab's Bathinda, due to stubble burning, the air here has become dangerous for the people. People are having trouble breathing.

Pollution increased the risk of corona

The situation in Ludhiana is no different from other districts of Punjab. After burning the stubble by the farmers, smoke is visible in the entire area. The Punjab government is appealing for cooperation from all the people along with the farmers to stop the increasing pollution. Cases of stubble burning are increasing continuously in Punjab. Despite all the efforts, the government has failed to convince. Due to the ever-increasing pollution, the danger of increasing corona cases has also arisen.

AQI in different areas of Delhi (6 am)

Pusa Road - 427

Lodhi Road- 466

Delhi University - 466

Delhi Airport - 409

Mathura Road - 467

IIT Delhi- 441

Ayanagar - 422

Noida- 425

Gurugram - 478

What things increase pollution?

28% of pollution is caused by the smoke of vehicles.

17% pollution increases due to dust and soil.

Due to the filth of factories, pollution increases by 30%.

Burning of garbage in the open causes 4% pollution.

- 10% of pollution is caused by diesel generators.

11% pollution is also caused due to power plants.

Pollution increased in Delhi due to neighboring states?

There may be many reasons for pollution in the capital Delhi, but the Kejriwal government considers stubble burning as the main reason. Over the years, this issue has become so big that it is also becoming a cause of political conflict. In fact, 4 states Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and UP are directly connected to this stifling air. Delhi is surrounded by Haryana, Punjab and UP and burning of stubble in these states directly affects the air of Delhi. The Delhi government has been demanding a ban on stubble burning in neighboring states for years. Once again, Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai has written a letter to the Central Government to call an emergency meeting. The Delhi government reiterated that again the incidents of stubble burning are increasing continuously and due to this the pollution level in Delhi has increased significantly for a few days. For this, showing the figures from November 1 to 6, he claimed that as the incidents of stubble burning increased, the pollution level of Delhi also increased.

The situation may get worse going forward.

The Delhi government has clearly said that stubble is not burning in Delhi, but stubble is burning in neighboring states and due to this pollution in Delhi is becoming dangerous. Experts believe that the situation may worsen further, as the stubble is being burnt continuously. Due to this the level of pollution can increase even more. At such a time, problems will increase for small children and the elderly. At present, the air of Delhi has remained poisonous for many days. Water sprinkling is being done at many places at the government level. Using new technology in the capital, smog guns have also been installed at some places, but it proved to be of no help.


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