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Delhi government's big decision regarding subsidy on electricity

The subsidy will be given to those who ask for it and this work will start on October 1.

New Delhi: Big news has come out regarding subsidies on electricity in Delhi. Now in Delhi, the subsidy will be given to those who ask for it and this work will start from October 1. In this regard, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that a miracle had happened in Delhi. The people of Delhi formed an honest government. We fixed the infrastructure and now Delhi has 24 hours electricity. We saved a lot of government money. The people of Delhi now get 24 hours more free electricity.

Whoever asks for a subsidy will get it: Kejriwal

CM Kejriwal said that there are 58 lakh domestic users in Delhi. 47 lakh gets a subsidy. Only those who ask for a subsidy from October 1, will now get the subsidy. They can continue their subsidy by filling out the form and deposit it where they pay the bill.

Kejriwal released the number

CM Kejriwal said that we are releasing the number. WhatsApp on 70113111111 and send the form after filling it. The confirmation will come within 3 days of filling out your form. From that month from which people will apply, it will be released the next month. We will start a comprehensive campaign for this and the form will have to be filled out once in a year.

Kejriwal is in active mode in Gujarat too

CM Kejriwal is seen as very active in Gujarat. He has started preparations for the assembly elections to be held here. Recently, Arvind Kejriwal accepted an invitation from an auto-rickshaw driver in Ahmedabad and had dinner at his house. However, earlier the Delhi Chief Minister had a heated argument with the police officers posted outside his hotel over the security protocol. Kejriwal, along with some leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party, boarded an auto-rickshaw, went to his house and had dinner there.

However, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), reacting to this, took a dig at the Delhi Chief Minister and called him an actor. Before going to the auto-rickshaw driver's house, Kejriwal had a heated argument with some police officials outside a five-star hotel over security protocol as the Delhi Chief Minister was unwilling to take the policemen along with him.

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