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Delhi Municipal Corporation elections will be held soon, and the number of MCD wards has decreased

The way for the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections has now been cleared. Before the elections, the number of MCD wards has been reduced to 250. There will now be three wards in an assembly.

New Delhi: Municipal body elections will be held soon in Delhi. Before the elections, the Union Home Ministry fixed the number of wards in the MCD. The number of wards has been fixed by the ministry at 250. Regarding the conduct of MCD elections, the State Election Commission had written a letter to the Union Home Ministry to determine the number of votes, which has been approved by the Ministry. Before the elections, 250 wards have been earmarked in MCD by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Before the integration of the corporation, there were 272 wards in Delhi and now their number has been increased to 250. That is, now 22 wards have been reduced in the Delhi Assembly. There will be 3 wards in each assembly. However, the number of wards can be more than three in the Vidhan Sabha which has a higher limit and population.

On Thursday, July 28, the State Election Commission also held a meeting with the Delimitation Commission, in which further strategy has been discussed. Before integration, there were about 4 wards in each assembly and a number of wards in some assemblies. was three.

Delimitation Commission started functioning

After the amalgamation of the corporation in the month of May this year, the Union Home Ministry constituted the Delimitation Commission for the delimitation of the wards. After which the Ministry of Home Affairs has given permission to the Delimitation Commission to determine 250 wards. Now the Delimitation Commission has started work regarding this. In which the work of mapping wards and delimitation on the basis of the population will be started.

According to the information, the commission has also appointed employees for this. According to the commission, the Union Home Ministry has sought a report in the next four months regarding the delimitation, on which the Delimitation Commission is doing its work.

All three municipal corporations were integrated

The way has now been cleared for the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections. After determining the number of wards, the Delimitation Commission will decide the number of votes in each assembly. Earlier in the year 2016, there was delimitation in Delhi. The number of wards was fixed, but then the corporation was divided into three parts.

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