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Delhi RTO officials will be blamed, LG handed over the investigation of the corruption case to ACB

Auto rickshaw unions in Delhi High Court had filed a petition alleging collusion of RTO officials and auto financiers, dealers and brokers. After which the court asked to investigate the matter. After this LG has taken the decision.

New Delhi: The corruption of the RTO officers of the capital is going to be exposed soon. In order to investigate the complicity of transport officials and auto financiers, unauthorized dealers and brokers, Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena has now handed over the investigation of this corruption-related matter to the ACB.

The matter is of Burari Transport Authority, where auto rickshaw unions had filed a criminal writ petition in the Delhi High Court, in respect of which this decision has been taken after the order of the court.

According to the information, several auto rickshaw unions of Delhi had filed a criminal writ petition in the Delhi High Court in which they had talked about rampant corruption and harassment of auto-rickshaw drivers in Burari RTO. It was told in this petition that RTO officials in connivance with auto financiers, dealers and brokers are playing a game of big corruption and due to this common people have to face problems. Especially the auto drivers are being harassed.

It is noteworthy that there were constant complaints about the RTO of Delhi. In this regard, many people had given complaints in writing to the court as well as to the government and the LG.

In view of the problems being faced by the common people regarding the corruption going on here, many organizations and unions had lodged their complaints but no action was taken in this regard. Later, the matter reached the High Court and the court, hearing the petition, issued orders for investigation. After which orders have now been given to investigate the ACB. ACB is also going to start the investigation by registering a case soon.


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