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Delhi Schools Reopening: Schools from Nursery to VIII will open in Delhi.

Delhi Primary School Reopening: Schools from nursery to class VIII will open in Delhi from today. Special attention will be given to these things for the first two weeks.

New Delhi: Schools are being opened in Delhi today for children from nursery to class VIII. The students of big classes here had already started coming to school, but for the primary class students, the date was fixed for today i.e. 14th February. Full preparations have been made for the reopening of Delhi schools. Along with following the Covid guidelines, separate instructions have been given to the teachers to make the students comfortable in the school. Let us know about the preparation of Delhi's schools.

Difficult times for young children

Special care is being taken that this time will be difficult for young children and therefore special preparations have been made in schools to make them comfortable. Children are coming back to school after almost two years. In such a situation, it can be disturbing for young students to change the atmosphere after such a time, going away from home etc. Keeping this point in mind, the first two weeks in the schools will be focused on the emotional and mental wellness of the children. Various activities will be done for this.

There are also many students whose today will be the first day of school. In such a situation, fear, panic and hesitation are natural. In this condition, it will be the additional responsibility of the teachers to help the child adjust to the new environment and come back to studies later. The Delhi government has given instructions to all the schools in this regard. In fact, the biggest impact of the closure of the school for such a long time has been on young children.

In such a situation, special mindfulness and happiness classes will be run in Delhi to reduce their stress and fear. Extra efforts will be made to fill the gap of education in the children. The first two weeks will be spent only on making the children comfortable.

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