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ED arrested liquor baron Vijay Nair and Abhishek Boinpalli in excise policy scam, got 5 days remand

Every day new revelations are happening regarding the excise policy of Delhi. ED and CBI are continuously questioning many people including the accused on the whole matter.

New Delhi: Liquor baron Vijay Nair and Abhishek Boinpally, the accused arrested by the CBI in the alleged liquor scam of the Delhi government, have now been arrested by the ED as well. The ED formally arrested both of them on Sunday (November 13) in Tihar Jail itself. After this, on Monday (November 14), the court demanded a 14-day remand of both.

The ED argued in the court that both of them are important characters of the South Group in this case and both are not cooperating in the investigation. They answer the question evasively, so it is very important to interrogate both of them in custody. After hearing the arguments of both sides, the court has sent both of them to ED custody till November 19.

However, today both the accused were also granted bail in the CBI case. Both have been asked to furnish bail bonds of Rs 2 lakh each. Vijay Nair and Abhishek Boinapalli will not be able to come out due to being sent to ED custody.

The ED produced Vijay Nair and Abhishek Boinpalli in the court of Special Judge MK Nagpal at Rouse Avenue Court through video conferencing from Tihar. On behalf of the ED, the court was told that both were interrogated in Tihar Jail on 8 and 13 November, but instead of answering, both of them avoided answering.

The ED claimed before the court that Vijay Nair was not answering the questions. Both of them are also part of the cartel of liquor manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers involved in this liquor scam. They have an important role in preparing this cartel.

The ED also told the court that Vijay Nair's house was raided on 6 September. Not only this, his statements were also recorded under section 17 of the PMLA. Now Vijay and Abhishek were interrogated by the ED under section 50 on 8 and 13 September in Tihar Jail.

Abhishek Boinapalli's statement was first recorded on 17 September. He was summoned under section 50 after which his statement was recorded. Statements have been recorded twice in the jail as well. Also told that in this whole case, ED has recovered a lot of confidential documents and other material in the search conducted at 169 places.

Advocate Rebecca Johns, appearing for Vijay, told the court that Sameer Mahendru was arrested on 28 September. A day after that, on September 29, the CBI arrested Vijay Nair. He has been in custody for 35 days. Now ED has also arrested him.

Rebecca Johns said that Vijay Nair's bail plea was posted on 27 October. The ED applied for recording the statement on 29 October, which was approved by the court on 30 October. The ED also recorded the statement for two days but arrested Nair on Sunday i.e. 13 November.

At the same time, the lawyer appearing on behalf of Abhishek Boinpally said before the court that Abhishek was arrested on 8 October. On September 17, his house and office were searched. Apart from this, he has been questioned on three different dates (28 September, 29 September and 2 October).

On this, the ED said that the inquiry had not been completed. We called Abhishek, and he also came but he said that he had not slept, so we did not question him. Boinpally's lawyer also said that the ED is telling about the amount of 3.85 crores mentioned by the CBI. After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the court has sent Vijay Nair and Abhishek Boinapalli on ED remand for 5 days. Now both will be produced before the court on 19 November 2022 at 2 pm.


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