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Emerging equations of political leadership in Punjab

Apart from Amarinder there were many time-tested senior leaders in the Punjab Congress, who could be handed over the command.

It's proven that the decision of Congress to remove Capt. Amarinder Singh in Punjab is suicidal. It was a short-sighted political vision to hammer Capt. Amarinder Singh to promote Navjot Singh Sidhu. Even those with a modest understanding of politics do not overlook an experienced, dependable leader like Capt. Amarinder Singh. Congress leadership showed apathy in case of Punjab. It knows how to lose a winning battle. Bringing the youth to fore in doesn't mean that one uproots the structure. Navjot is no youth at 58 years. A party that ruled Punjab for fifty years would be so ruthless in identifying its leaders is mind-boggling.

 (Senior Journalist, Thinker, Political Analyst, TV Personality, ex Doordarshan News Editor, Solicitor for Human Rights Protection & Philanthropist)
~Neelam Mahajan Singh ~

It's a political folly of Congress high command to appoint Sidhu as Punjab Congress's president. Apart from Amarinder there were many time-tested senior leaders in the Punjab Congress, who could be handed over the command. Making Charanjit Singh Channi, a Dalit face in Punjab Congress, did not solve the crisis. Sidhu proved to be an absconder in 72 days. Today Congress is in turmoil in Punjab. For the past few months organizational negativity of Congress is visible in Punjab. After all, what does Navjot Singh Sidhu want?

Why is Congress still encouraging this misguided missile? Sidhu has crashed the Congress itself! Politics is not 'Thokko yaar thokko'. Capt. Amarinder Singh has labeled Sidhu as 'an unstable personality, childish who has no place in Punjab's politics'. By moody resignation from PCC President, shows Sidhu's naive and politically short sightedness. Sidhu is a leader without any mass base who doesn't know about the ground realities. Perhaps that's why sixer-Sidhu got ducked by his own googly. 'A warrior never leaves the battle for fear of defeat,' says Capt. Amarinder Singh. Now there's no place for Navjot Singh Sidhu in Punjab Congress. New political equations would emerge on the political horizon of Punjab. It appears that Congress's future is negligible. Apart from alliances, Aam Aadmi Party and Shiromani Akali Dal-BSP, further political equations in Punjab will depend on Capt. Amarinder Singh-BJP alliance. Captain's meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah has brought a new storm in the political cup. Capt. Amarinder Singh visited Delhi and met Amit Shah for 45 minutes, in which BJP president J.P. Nadda was also present. This meeting is a big decision of Amarinder Singh. BJP had already opened its doors to Capt. Amarinder Singh, saying that he is known for his nationalistic sentiments. Captain has announced that he would formally break his ties with Congress. It's believed that in Punjab, BJP will enter the fray with Capt. Amarinder. BJP can bring Captain to center through Rajya Sabha. BJP will bank upon Amrinder in ending, a year long farmers' agitation by making him the Union Agriculture Minister. In the coming days, interesting political-jugalbandi between Captain and BJP is expected. Congress President Sonia Gandhi said "I'm sorry Amarinder"! Infact it's time to really feel sorry for the redundant Congress leadership. Harish Rawat, a political blunder-in-charge of Punjab Congress should be expelled, for making a political cocktail that's ruined Congress's future in Punjab.

Congress high command under Sonia Gandhi's leadership has become incapable, shabby and rudderless. Personal ambitions have sapped Congress's vitality in Punjab. Navjot Singh Sidhu had joined Congress in 2017. Sidhu is dreaming of becoming CM of Punjab by removing Capt. Amarinder Singh, is unachievable. He has been in public service for 52 years. A conspiracy was hatched against Capt. Amarinder Singh to impose a politically nascent Navjot Singh Sidhu in Punjab to replace the democratically elected 'Captain of the People', was a colossal mistake. In 2017 when Congress was wiped out in most of the states, Capt Amarinder Singh's impeccable hard work and 'one-to-one' personal campaigning in every district helped Congress get a majority. Sidhu has proved to be poisonous for Congress which has made the party politically handicapped and impotent. This is the first time that five PCC Presidents were appointed in Punjab to please Navjot Singh Sidhu. Navjot Singh Sidhu has proved to be the Brutus of Shakespeare's play Julius-Caesar; 'Et tuBrutus'. Congress's political boat has sunk. Captain has declared that he will not allow Navjot Singh Sidhu to remain in Punjab politics under any circumstances. He will avenge their insult heaped upon him. After meeting Amit Shah, it has become clear that the battle to become the captain of Punjab is going to intensify. Sidhu has cut his nose to spite his own face. Sidhu's attempt to make Charanjit Singh Channi a dummy Chief Minister by repeatedly using Dalit caste, is taken negatively-otherwise by the Dalit society.

CM Charanjit Singh Channi himself was an important minister in Capt. Amarinder Singh's government. He should not fall into Sidhu's trap. It will be interesting to observe how new political equations of Punjab would emerge. Who will be elected in the assembly elections of 2022. The role of Capt. Amarinder Singh will be crucial in the next elections. If he succeeds in putting an end to the peasant's movement, he will surely be a shining star of Punjab. Capt. Amarinder's friendship with PM Narendra Modi is well known. Political suicide of Congress will benefit other parties. The Aam Aadmi Party is sitting in opposition, and can take advantage of this political scenario. Captain has said that 'I am a soldier and a soldier does not give up. I will definitely fight a political battle for my self-respect'. Time has come for Sonia Gandhi to resign from the post of Congress President. Captain has called Gandhi siblings, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as 'politically inexperienced and misguided'. Navjot Singh Sidhu had absconded from the cricket field of England as he was against Capt. Mohammed Azharuddin. Sixer-absconder Sidhu has ducked Congress's future in Punjab. 'Thoko thoko taali...'


Neelam Mahajan Singh is a Senior Journalist, Thinker, Political Analyst, TV Personality, ex Doordarshan News Editor, Solicitor for Human Rights Protection & Philanthropist.


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