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#FutureDelhi, the campaign was launched at Camp Chowk, GTB Nagar by Mr. Yogesh Verma

This initiative is by, a digital advocacy organisation, and supported by organizations like Purpose, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), Centre for Environment and Economic Development (CEED) and Asar.

It’s impossible to guide a nation of citizens towards a future that they cannot envision. In a first-of-its-kind initiative in Delhi, an interactive Augmented Reality installation, set up on the footpath adjacent to Camp Chowk in GTB Nagar offers to transport the audience in real time to a mixed-reality future; one that is cleaner, healthier and pollution free.

The AR street display shows a view of the same location - but with an added augmented reality layer, that showcases what a sustainable version of the location on the opposite side could look like in the future - with more pedestrian space, cycle lanes, electric buses, charging points of electric vehicles, free of emissions from fossil-fuel vehicles with clean blue skies.

This initiative is by, a digital advocacy organisation, and supported by organizations like Purpose, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), Centre for Environment and Economic Development (CEED) and Asar.

Titled #FutureDelhi, the campaign was launched on Sunday, 12th December at Camp Chowk, GTB Nagar in the presence of Mr. Yogesh Verma, leader of house, North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

The AR Installation

Using cutting edge technology the Future City installation is like a giant selfie phone camera in which people can see themselves, but immersed in #FutureDelhi. Behind their own digital reflection they will see electric buses, cycling lanes, electric vehicles, electric charging stations, green corners, solared powered roads and various other sustainable mobility elements.

Over the next 9 days, multiple events will be organized at the location and the campaign will involve more stakeholders online and offline engaging them in conversation about the steps we need to take to have the #FutureDelhi of dreams.

Inaugurating the campaign, Mr. Yogesh Verma said, “The best part about this campaign is that young people are pushing for a better future. Delhi is facing a rising pollution crisis and we totally support that carpooling, cycling and e-mobility options are the way to have a cleaner future. At NDMC, we are committed to introduce and promote more cycling options like YULU in local colonies”.

Campaigners urge authorities to take action for a better future

The QR code on the installation leads to the website with petitions urging the government to take action for better cycling infrastructure, public transport and waste management services in the city.

“The best time to take steps towards a sustainable, cleaner and pollution free Delhi is now. At a time when the city is wrapped up in smog, it becomes even more important to engage people in envisioning the future they would want to live in. Shifting to affordable, convenient and sustainable public transport could save Delhi from the reeling stress of air pollution. With this campaign we want to drive action from both fronts; citizens and the government,” said Rashmi Mishra, air pollution and climate campaigner with

"Given that transport is currently accountable for a major share of emissions and pollution in our city, we need to start working together with the government to ensure that better quality of shared & public transport is operationalised as well as start reimagining our streets for people as opposed to more vehicles. The future of our cities can look very different if we take action in improving and transforming them today" - Mallika Arya, Senior campaigner, Purpose

“When we think of our streets today - traffic congestion, honking, parking issues, travel stress, pollution and others - come to mind. Imagine if our streets were safe, enjoyable and healthy for all Delhiites. Future Delhi Campaign reimagines our streets where walking, cycling, travelling on bus is safe and attractive; one can sit, relax and enjoy with loved ones; women and children feel safe: & street environment is peaceful and clean - Parin Visariya, ITDP

Volunteers participating in flash mobs around the installation engaged with the pedestrians to ask what kind of future they envision for Delhi. “I want to buy an e-car in the near future but do we have enough charging stations to make our experience convenient? With soaring prices of petrol, my idea of the future Delhi is a city where moving from one place to another is affordable and convenient”, said Ajay Nigam, a local resident of GTB Nagar.


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