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Get ready for the chilly cold, the temperature of the weather is going to decrease in Delhi- NCR

Winter is slowly gaining momentum in Delhi-NCR. According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature will start decreasing in the next few days.

The month of November is almost half over and winter is also slowly gaining momentum. According to the Meteorological Department, cold winds will blow in the next few days, due to which the temperature will start decreasing.

Clouds will prevail on Friday

According to the Meteorological Department, it will be cloudy on Friday and the flow of winds will be very less. There will also be light fog in the morning. Due to this, the maximum temperature can be 28 and the minimum 15 degree Celsius. However, from the next day i.e. November 13, the weather will clear, due to which the speed of cold winds will also increase. This will bring down the temperature of the weather.

Cold winds will blow after November 13

According to the department, after November 13, winds can move at a speed of 10 to 16 kilometers per hour.. Due to this people can feel shivering. Especially in the morning and evening and at night, the cold will start. For those who go to their work by bike-scooter, trouble may increase for them. In such a situation, they will have to take out the warm jacket, gloves and muffler.

Weather may come in mercury and fall

The Meteorological Department has estimated that after November 25, there may be a further drop in this temperature and the day temperature may come down to 20 degree Celsius. Due to this people will suffer the shivering cold even during the day. Although due to the strong light of the sun, they will also get a lot of relief from the cold in between, but they will not be able to stay for a while without warm clothes.


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