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Hindu temple attacked again, fanatic broke the idol of the goddess with a hammer

Hindu Goddess Idol Vandalised In Pakistan: Minorities and their places of worship are not safe in Pakistan. Meanwhile, another Hindu temple in Karachi has been targeted by extremists.

Karachi: Attack on Hindu temple has once again happened in Pakistan. Hindu temples are being targeted again and again in Imran Khan's new Pakistan. A man temple here The man hit the idol with a hammer. According to Pakistani journalist Vingas, this is the 9th attack on a Hindu temple in the last 22 months.

The fanatic broke the idol of Goddess Jog Maya

Let us tell you that this incident of breaking the idol of Goddess installed in the temple has happened in Karachi, Pakistan. A Hindu temple has been attacked in the Ranchore area. The man broke the idol of Goddess Jog Maya with a hammer. According to the information, the police have arrested the accused. According to media reports, a case has been registered against the accused under blasphemy.

BJP strongly criticised the attack

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa has strongly criticised the incident of demolition of the idol of Goddess in Karachi. He said that terrorism against minorities has the support of the Government of Pakistan.

Hindu temple desecrated - Sirsa

Manjinder Singh Sirsa said that another Hindu temple was desecrated in Karachi, Pakistan. The accused are advocating this attack on the temple. The attackers are saying that the temple is not a place to worship. Such people are supported in Pakistan.

Let us know that earlier in the month of October, another temple was attacked in Sindh province of Pakistan. The attackers also stole the cash and jewellery kept in the temple. Attacks on Hindu temples in Pakistan have increased in the last few years. The international community has also reprimanded Pakistan many times over the cases of attacks on minorities and their places of worship, but Pakistan and its fundamentalists are still not deterred.


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