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Hottest November this year in Delhi in the past 13 years

On Monday, the heat in the capital has broken a record of 13 years. After 2008, the maximum temperature in the month of November was recorded at 33 degrees. The Meteorological Department says that pollution and changes in winds are the reason for this.

New Delhi: With the onset of November in the national capital Delhi, the cold also starts increasing. However, with the onset of the cold in November of this year, it seems to be disappearing. These days people battling pollution in the capital are now sweating. Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 33 degrees Celsius on Monday, breaking a 13-year record.

Earlier in 2008, this month's temperature was recorded at 33.5 degrees Celsius. According to the Meteorological Department, pollution and changes in winds are the reason for this. This summer will not last long. While the maximum temperature in Delhi on Monday was recorded four notches above the season's average, the minimum temperature was recorded at 17 degrees Celsius, which is three notches above the season's average.

5 degrees above normal temperature in Pitampura

It was recorded at 33.4 degrees Celsius at Lodi Road. 33.4 in Gurugram, 33 in Jafarpur, 34.3 in Najafgarh, 34.6 in Pitampura, 34.5 degrees in Sports Complex. It was the hottest in Pitampura. The temperature here was 5 degrees above normal. The minimum temperature already started rising 3 days ago. The minimum temperature on Monday was 17 degrees. It was also 3 degrees above normal.

The minimum temperature in Palam was 19.5, Gurugram 18.1, Ghaziabad 18.9, Jafarpur 18.7, Mangeshpur 17.7, Najafgarh 21.7, Pitampura 21.8, CWG Sports Complex 21.3 and Mayur Vihar 19.1 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature in Pitampura was 8 degrees above normal.

7 November 2022- 33 degree

4 November 2008 - 33.5 degrees

November 3, 2001 - 36.1 degrees

At the same time, the humidity level in the air ranged from 38 to 96 per cent. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there will be partly cloudy weather on Tuesday. There may be light fog in the morning. The maximum temperature will be around 32 and the minimum temperature will be about 17 degrees.

According to Skymet Weather, the minimum temperature is not likely to drop in the coming days. The maximum temperature is also not likely to fall below 30 degrees. Both will remain above normal for the next two to three days. Due to the Western Disturbance, the winds will remain light and will move from South East direction. Due to Western Disturbance, circulation will also remain around Delhi-NCR for some time.


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