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Important news for Delhiites, Sarita Vihar flyover is closed for 50 days, traffic advisory issued

The repair work of the flyover is starting from June 7 by the Public Works Department ie PWD. In such a situation the flyover will be closed to traffic.

New Delhi: There is an important news for the people living in Delhi. Sarita Vihar flyover has been closed for 50 days. If you are planning to travel through the flyover, hold on as the repair work is going to start on June 7.

A traffic advisory has also been issued for this. It has been told in the advisory that this route will remain closed for the movement of passengers for 50 days.

What is said in the traffic advisory?

It has been told that the repair work of the flyover by the Public Works Department ie PWD is starting from June 7. In such a situation the flyover will be closed for traffic. Other transport routes will continue to operate as before.

The repair work will be done in 4 phases, in which the portion of the flyover going from Ashram towards Badarpur will be worked in the first and second phase, while the portion going from Badarpur towards Ashram will be repaired in the third and fourth phase.

According to the traffic advisory, the number of vehicles on the roads may increase due to the work of the flyover. That's why passengers going to railway station, bus stand and airport should leave their homes after taking a fixed time. The first and second phases will be run from June 7 to July 1, while the third and fourth phases will run from July 2 to July 26.


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