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Independence Day 2022: There will be tight security and surveillance around the Red Fort

Independence Day will be celebrated in India on 15th August this year, for this security is tight-knit near the Red Fort. At the same time, an anti-drone radar system will be installed for security.

New Delhi: August 15 means Independence Day is near and this time a lot of preparations are being made across the country for Independence Day. Because this year Independence Day will be celebrated in a special way in the country, the country's independence has completed 75 years. Similarly, different programs are being organized across the country on the theme of 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav'. Let there be no disturbance in this nectar festival of independence and the whole country can celebrate Independence Day with full enthusiasm and peace. Tight security arrangements are also being made for this. The administration and the Delhi Police are on alert regarding the security, especially for August 15 in the capital of the country, Delhi.

Delhi's Red Fort has been the centre of attraction on the occasion of 15th August i.e. Independence Day. Where the Prime Minister hoists the national flag of the country and addresses the whole country. In such a situation, very strict and elaborate security arrangements are made at the Red Fort. For August 15, be it Delhi Police or other security agencies, security is a big challenge for all of them. For which preparations are made months in advance. The police of the northern district are making strict arrangements to ensure that there is no lapse in the security of the Red Fort for August 15.

Paintings of freedom fighters will also be seen

From the Red Fort to the entire district, special security arrangements are being made on August 15. Whether it is around the Red Fort or on the roads and other public places, a close watch is being kept by the Delhi Police. According to the information received about the arrangements being made at the Red Fort, this time a grand picture of the Red Fort will be seen on the occasion of 15th August. Paintings of freedom fighters will be seen here on the theme of the Amrit Festival of Independence. An attempt will be made to give a big message from the Red Fort to the whole country but to the world on the completion of 75 years of the country's independence.

Every year on the 15th of August, containers are erected around the Red Fort for security and this time also this work has been started, which is being deployed in the impenetrable security of the Red Fort. Along with this, paramilitary forces have also been deployed within a radius of 200 meters around the Red Fort. Terrorists could not carry out any major conspiracy during the Independence Day celebrations. All security agencies are on alert for this. Not only Delhi Police but also paramilitary forces, SPG, and NSG have been deployed for the security of Red Fort.

Surveillance will be done with an anti-drone radar system

According to officials engaged in security preparations, this time anti-drone radar systems will be installed at the Red Fort. So that if a suspicious drone is seen around the Red Fort, then this anti-drone radar system will find and jam that radar drone. Its range is said to be about 5 kilometres, although there is not much information about it yet, in view of the security, these drones will be installed around the Red Fort before August 10.

Face recognition CCTV cameras will be installed

Along with this, face recognition CCTV cameras are also installed for the security of 15 August so that any suspect is immediately arrested by the Delhi Police when he is identified. Images of notorious terrorists are fed into the system for face recognition CCTV cameras. So that if a person similar to that picture, or the same person is caught in the CCTV camera, then immediately the alarm starts sounding, after which the security personnel are alerted.


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