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Indian American student strangled in Texas school, video viral on social media

A video of a school located in Texas, America, is becoming very viral on social media. In this video, a blonde student is seen beating up an Indian American student. He holds her throat down for 4 minutes.

A case of discrimination against an Indian American student has come to light in a school in America. A video related to this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the same video, an American student is seen attacking a student of Indian origin. He holds her throat down for about 4 minutes. But the discrimination does not end here. After the video went viral, the action taken by the school management raises more questions. Actually, the Indian student was suspended for 3 days, while the accused American student was only for 1 day.

According to media reports, this video is from Coppell Middle School in Texas. In this viral video, a blonde i.e. American student is seen standing. He is seen troubling the Indian-origin student sitting on the chair. He holds his throat for a long time. The accused releases the neck at the behest of other students.

Drops the student on the ground for the second time

The accused student asks the student of Indian origin to stand up after leaving his neck. There is some conversation between the two. After this again the accused strangles him and starts dragging him. He drags the Indian student from the chair and throws him down. He tries to hit him with punches too. It is being told that this incident of assault took place on May 11.

Question on the action of school management

The video of this incident is made by a student present in the class itself and puts it on social media. After the video went viral, the school management took action and suspended the student of Indian origin for 3 days, while the student who assaulted was given a suspension of 1 day. People are strongly condemning this action of the school management. The North American Association of Indian Students said in a tweet, "Disturbing footage of a middle school student being assaulted and strangled for more than four minutes by a white student. The incident took place at Coppell Middle School, a suburb of Dallas. The Indian student got a three-day suspension, while the attacker got one day. This action is not justifiable.


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