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It is not good for the policemen who make 'reels' in uniform! UP police issued a social media policy

As per the policy, uploading any kind of videos or reels etc. in uniform after duty, which tarnishes the image of the police, is prohibited on social media platforms.

New Delhi: The Uttar Pradesh Police on Wednesday issued a new social media policy for its personnel. In a statement issued by the UP Police, it was said that the image of the department has been tarnished by making 'indecent' videos by policemen in uniform and uploading them on various social media platforms, hence a social media policy has been made to prevent this in future. In this policy issued by the Police Department, information about prohibited activities on social media has been given in clear words.

There were many restrictions on making reels in the new policy

Personal use of social media during official work is prohibited in the policy. Along with this, making videos/reels etc. in uniform at his office and workplace while on duty or live telecast by any employee on his personal social media platform is prohibited. Even after duty, uploading any type of video or reels etc. in uniform, which tarnishes the image of the police, on social media platforms has been prohibited.

Permission will have to be taken for social media monetization

According to the social media policy, live telecast of inspection of police station/police line/office etc. and participation in police drill/firing and uploading of video related to proceedings on social media is also prohibited. Along with this, it is prohibited to upload live telecast/video of a conversation with the complainant on social media platforms through any video/reels etc. related to your workplace. Police personnel will have to take permission from the government to earn money from the government and personal social media platforms.

No restriction on doing these things on social media

On social media, policemen will have the freedom to do all the things as ordinary citizens, which are allowed by the rules related to government jobs. Police personnel can put posts etc. on social media about their expression by putting a disclaimer of 'personal views'. In case of non-compliance with the instructions of the 'Social Media Policy' by the policemen, necessary action has been taken as per the rules.


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