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Low Floor Buses: CBI will investigate the purchase of 1,000 low-floor buses in Delhi

Center vs Delhi Government: After the complaint, the Delhi government had banned the purchase of buses with immediate effect. Now the Union Home Ministry has entrusted the responsibility of its preliminary investigation to the CBI.

Image source: TOI

New Delhi: BJP MLA Vijender Gupta raised questions on the formula for the purchase of buses. Objection to giving the contract of maintenance to the bus supplying company itself

The Transport Department had put a temporary ban on the order for the purchase of buses.

Now the central government has recommended to conduct a preliminary inquiry into the matter by the CBI.

The Union Home Ministry has recommended a CBI inquiry into the purchase of 1,000 low floor buses in Delhi. Earlier, on the allegations of BJP MLA Vijender Gupta, the Transport Department had put a temporary ban on the purchase of buses. Gupta had demanded an inquiry from the LG in the matter. Responding to the recommendation of the CBI probe, the Delhi government has said that the BJP, step by step, continues to conspire to defame the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), but never succeeds.

There was a ban on the purchase after the allegations

However, Transport Minister Gehlot, on the opposition MLAs point of finger on the purchase of buses, said that until the matter is not properly investigated, the buses will not be purchased. He had said that his Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been in favor of strict action on any wrongdoing, so if the BJP has any apprehensions, then they should get them investigated thoroughly.

Delhi government's reaction to CBI probe

Now the Delhi government has called all the allegations baseless. He says that the central government takes the help of the CBI to harass the Delhi government. In a statement, the government said, "There is no truth in the allegations. A committee had been constituted for the complete investigation of the matter, which has given a clean chit. This is a politically motivated conspiracy against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Center keeps troubling us: Delhi government

He said that the BJP wants to deprive the people of Delhi of new buses. "Earlier also the Central Government has tried to harass the Delhi Government by using CBI, but it was not successful even once as there was no truth in any of its allegations," the statement said. The Delhi government does not believe in bad politics. It believes only in Good Governance and it is committed to fulfill the promises of Good Governance.

Gehlot had given clarification on the allegation

Earlier, Gehlot had said in his clarification that today the formula for purchasing 1,000 buses is being questioned, but a decade ago also buses were bought on the same formula. He said that there was complete transparency in tendering the buses and awarding the contract, which was also approved by the DTC board. However, the BJP has raised the question, so till its fears are not removed, the purchase of buses will be banned.

Vijender Gupta had complained to the LG

Actually, the Delhi government had issued an order for the purchase of one thousand low-floor buses a few months back. On this, Vijender Gupta had complained to the LG that the contract of maintenance has also been given to the bus supplying company, which is wrong. They argue that in this way the maintenance contract will also come into force as soon as the buses hit the roads, whereas the buses should have a warranty of three years. During this, there is no need to pay a single penny for maintenance in case of disturbances.


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