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MCD Mayor Election: Mayor's election will be held on February 10

MCD Mayor Elections News: It will be difficult for the AAP candidate to win the post of chairman after voting for the standing committee election of alderman councillor. This is also the main reason for postponing the mayoral election.

New Delhi: The election for the post of Mayor of Delhi Municipal Corporation (Delhi MCD Matyor Election) has been postponed twice amid uproar, scuffles and protests. Meanwhile, AAP's candidate for the post of mayor has filed a petition in the Supreme Court for holding the election of mayor in a time-bound manner. At the same time, once again the buzz regarding the mayoral election has intensified.

The important question is that if the presiding officer Satya Sharma calls a meeting of the House regarding the MCD mayor election within the next few days, then this time also the election will be held due to the ongoing political war between AAP-BJP Then it will go away. In this matter, nothing can be said about the claim right now.

In fact, it is pertinent to discuss it again because the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has proposed to convene a session on February 10 to elect the Mayor. Confirming this, a senior MCD official said that Lieutenant Governor Vinay Saxena has been requested to convene another session for the election of the Mayor. The meeting of the House can be called as soon as the LG agrees to the proposal. As far as the mayoral election is concerned or not, it will depend on the stand of AAP and BJP.

There is still no consensus regarding the election

The answer to this is that there has neither been any meeting nor an informal agreement has been reached between the two parties regarding the mayoral election. In such a situation, if the election is held, then the possibility cannot be denied that like the first two times, this time also the election of the Mayor may not be a victim of uproar.

Accusations continue as before

Earlier, on January 6 and January 24, 2023, the presiding officer Satya Sharma had called a meeting of the house to conduct the mayor's election. Both elections could not be held due to uproar, heated exchanges, scuffles, sit-in demonstrations, sloganeering and chanting between BJP and AAP members.

The leaders of BJP and AAP are blaming each other for the non-election. AAP leaders say that BJP is not able to digest the incident of MCD being out of power after 15 years. BJP leaders are bent on hooliganism. On the other hand, BJP leaders allege that AAP has a majority, but it is scared of the possibility of the political untoward incident due to the anti-stance of its own corporators.

You leaders think that somewhere, taking advantage of the defection law not being effective in the mayor's election, they can vote against some of their own corporators. Keeping this in mind, every time you leaders are not allowing the mayoral elections to take place.

Ball in LG's court now

Earlier, the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government had suggested three dates for the mayor's election in the first week of next month. These dates included February 3, 4 and 6. The Lieutenant Governor has been requested to choose one of them. Now the proposal to hold elections on February 10 has also been sent to the LG from the MCD side. At present, the ball is in the court of LG VK Saxena regarding the mayoral election.

Shelly Oberoi's petition is a new controversy

On the one hand, efforts are on to hold the mayoral elections, while on the other hand, Aam Aadmi Party's mayoral candidate Shelly Oberoi reached the Supreme Court on Thursday demanding that the mayoral election be conducted in a time-bound manner. The matter will be heard in the Supreme Court on February 3. From this point of view, this issue is now under consideration in the Supreme Court as well. Although, the Supreme Court has not yet put any ban on the election, but due to being pending in the court, now the concerned agencies will have to consider the legal aspects before conducting the election of the Mayor.

AAP has 134 seats out of 250. BJP has 104 corporators. 9 councillors of Congress have reached the MCD House after winning. Three independent councilors have also won the elections. Apart from this, 14 MLAs, seven Lok Sabha and three Rajya Sabha MPs will also vote in the mayoral election.

That is, out of 274 votes, 138 votes are required for majority. You have 150 votes. That is, your mayor and deputy mayor are sure to be elected, but the matter is complicated because of the chairman of the standing committee.

BJP wants to get the post of Standing Committee Chairman at any cost. Being in the majority, your claim is equally strong. 10 Alderman councillors nominated by LG will also vote in the standing committee election. Here you feel that if you vote for the Alderman Councilor Standing Committee election, it will be difficult for your candidate to win the post of chairman. Simply, this is the screw, due to which the election of mayor is being postponed again and again. Significantly, the candidate for the post of Mayor from the BJP is Rekha Gupta.

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