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Mirage and Sukhoi collided in the air, one pilot was martyred, IAF ordered to find out the cause

Both the planes collided mid-air near Morena in MP and caught fire. The reasons for the accident are being ascertained.

New Delhi: Two Indian Air Force fighter jets have crashed near Morena in Madhya Pradesh. One of these aircraft is the Sukhoi-30, while the other aircraft is Mirage-2000. A statement has come out from the Indian Air Force in the matter. One of the three pilots involved in the accident was martyred. At the same time, an inquiry has been ordered to find out the cause of the accident.

Actually, both planes collided in the air above the forest in the Pahargarh development block near Morena and caught fire. Relief and rescue work is going on. All the pilots present in the planes were taken to the hospital. In this accident, a pilot flying the plane was martyred, while two pilots have been rescued safely.

10 major updates of the accident

  • In this case, the Air Force says that the Court of Inquiry will be able to clarify how the accident happened. However, it is now almost clear that both the fighter jets collided with each other in the sky of Morena itself i.e. they were victims of Mid-Air Collision.

  • A pilot died in the Morena plane crash. Morena's SP Ashutosh Bagri told that this morning 2 aircraft Miraj and Sukhoi had flown from Gwalior, there were two pilots in one aircraft and one pilot in the other. So far one pilot has died in the accident and the treatment of two is going on.

  • These aircraft were flown from the Gwalior base for training. Both aircraft were on a routine flight. At present, it is being said by the experts that this accident happened due to technical faults and a lack of experience among the pilots.

  • According to some eyewitnesses, both aircraft were seen coming towards the ground at a high speed while the sky was on fire. According to experts, after practice, the planes are at full speed. In such a situation, there is a possibility that a bigger accident can happen due to the collision of the wings as it becomes difficult to control the speed.

  • There were 2 pilots in the Sukhoi-30 aircraft involved in the accident, who jumped from the jet using parachutes in time. This is the reason that both their lives could be saved.

  • The pilot of the Mirage 2000, the second aircraft involved in the accident, suffered serious injuries. He was martyred even before the doctors could treat him. The accident happened at around 9:55 am.

  • Since the accident, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is continuously taking all the information about the matter from the CDS. CM Shivraj has also said about every possible help by tweeting.

  • Experts say that Sukhoi may have hit Miraj. Then Sukhoi's pilots must have tried to save their aircraft. If he could not be saved, he must have ejected, due to which Sukhoi reached Bharatpur.

  • DSP Ajay Sharma of Bharatpur in Rajasthan said that he had received information about the plane crash between 10 am and 10.15 am. On coming to the spot, it was found that it is a fighter jet of the Air Force.

  • Both aircraft are called the strength of the Airforce. In such a situation, everyone is surprised by the crash of both together. However, its real reasons can now be known only after investigation.

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