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On one hand CBI reached Sisodia's office and on the other hand AAP and BJP fought on social media

Sisodia is an accused in the case registered by the CBI last year over alleged irregularities in the implementation of the Excise Policy 2021-22 of the Arvind Kejriwal-led government. However, he was not named in the charge sheet filed by the CBI in November.

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party on Saturday alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party was using the government machinery to punish Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia for providing quality education to lakhs of children in the national capital. The remarks by Delhi's ruling party came after a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) team visited Sisodia's office. The BJP hit back, alleging that Sisodia was projecting himself as a victim and should not fear if he was not involved in any wrongdoing.

On the other hand, about this action, CBI officials said that the team had gone to Sisodia's office to collect some records related to the Delhi Excise Policy case. AAP said on Twitter that the central agency had not found anything against Sisodia during the previous raids and this time also the result would be the same as he had done no wrong.

Deputy Chief Minister is presenting himself as a victim - BJP

On the other hand, Delhi BJP's media cell head Harish Khurana said that if Sisodia is honest and clean, then he should not be afraid. "As always, he has issued himself a certificate of integrity by tweeting about the CBI reaching his office," Khurana said. He alleged that the Deputy Chief Minister was projecting himself as a victim. Khurana said “Let the court and the law decide what is the truth. Sisodia is already trying to project himself as a victim, but the people of Delhi are sensible and understand everything."

BJP's Delhi unit's working president Virendra Sachdeva accused Deputy Chief Minister Sisodia of staging a drama to present a routine CBI probe in his office as a raid. Sachdeva said in a statement that Sisodia and other AAP leaders often say that they welcome investigative agencies, but when these agencies bring forward a case against them, they create a political hue and cry to present themselves as victims.

Sisodia is being punished for providing good education to lakhs of children in Delhi - AAP

Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party leader Sanjay Singh accused the BJP of using state machinery to punish Sisodia for providing quality education to lakhs of children in Delhi. Singh said, “This is misuse of the CBI. The Deputy Chief Minister is being punished for giving good education to lakhs of children in Delhi. No matter how many raids Modi (Prime Minister Narendra) gets done, but if there is no corruption, nothing can be found. He said the BJP should stop its "trick" of using agencies like the CBI against AAP leaders as it would not achieve anything.


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