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PM Modi on Gujarat tour, launched 'Mission Life'

PM Narendra Modi is on Gujarat Mission today. He launched the Mission Life campaign. Actually, PM Modi launched the Lifestyle for Environment (LIFE) campaign at COP26 in Glasgow in 2021. Its aim is to spread the message to the people about environmental awareness in daily life.

New Delhi: Today is the second day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Gujarat. He launched the Mission Life campaign. Through Mission Life, PM Modi is starting a movement all over the world, in which people are being asked to adopt a lifestyle based on natural methods. in order to combat the effects of climate change.

What is 'Mission Life'?

The Gujarat tour on which PM Modi launched Mission Life. Indeed, the Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) campaign was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at COP26 in Glasgow in 2021. The COP26 summit was held on climate change. During this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Mission Life. In this, Life means Lifestyle for Environment. Talking about the objective of this mission aims to reduce the effects of climate change by implementing macro measures and actions at the individual and community level.

People will be appealed to take oaths to save the environment

A new beginning will be appealed to from across the world in Mission Life. In this, apart from taking an oath to save the environment and becoming a fighter, it will be inspired to work towards conservation. In Mission Life, awareness will also be created about small things, how to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. Keep the engine off at the traffic signal. Fix leaking taps and respect the food.

PM Modi's vision is Mission Life

Mission Life is the vision of PM Modi and after launch is expected to become a global mass movement led by India, encouraging individual and collective action to protect and conserve the environment.

This is the purpose of mission life

Mission Life aims to follow a three-pronged strategy to transform our collective approach towards sustainability. It first aims at motivating individuals to practice simple yet effective eco-friendly actions in their daily life (demand).

Second, enabling industries and markets to respond rapidly to changing demand (supply), and third, influencing government and industrial policy to support both long-term consumption and production (policy).

Launching Mission Life in Glasgow, the Prime Minister said, “The idea behind this campaign is to adopt a lifestyle that is compatible with our planet. 'Mission Life' learns from the past, operates in the present and focuses on the future.


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