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PM Modi’s Digital India initiative, paves the way for Anuj Kumar Bajpai to help the needy

Anuj Kumar Bajpai from Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, decided to further the government’s flagship programme of digital India, by adding his bit to it. Born on 24th October 1996, Anuj completed his graduation and post-graduation from DAV College, Kanpur. Instead of just charting out a career regular path, Anuj decided to do something for the common good.

He realised the power of a digitally connected India and the numerous advantages that it had. With his strong knowledge of social media and online presence, Anuj soon realised the immense power that social media had in terms of its’ reach and influence. He set about establishing his own social media presence on all the popular online platforms. In a short span of 4 years, he had a strong follower base of over a lac on Twitter and over 30,000 on Facebook.

He then very diligently went about sifting through the numerous messages that the online world had to offer. He carefully selected the ones that had relevant information that the masses needed to have access to, messages that were educational, and motivational. He then used his social media platforms as an influencer to spread the right messages to his followers.

Anuj is also passionate about helping the needy. Through the wide reach of his social media platforms, he helps voice causes that need support and prompt action. He derives immense satisfaction from helping those who need assistance but do not know how to maximise their reach.

He steps in as an influencer who can get the message across to the masses and hopefully the right target audience who will generate help for the cause. Anuj is a firm advocate of the fact that online social media platforms can yield a lot of benefits if used positively. The Digital India movement has helped youths like Anuj Kumar Bajpai to harness its benefits with their enthusiastic attitude and spirit!


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