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Restaurant 'Aquila', which does not consider Saree to be a smart dress, was locked, due to this act

Delhi's restaurant 'Aquila', which does not give entry to a woman wearing a Saree, is currently locked. The restaurant was running without a license. The Delhi Municipal Corporation had issued a notice asking the owner of 'Aquila' to close the restaurant. After which the restaurant has been locked.

New Delhi: The restaurant 'Aquila' in South Delhi, which does not consider Saree as a smart dress, has now been locked. The restaurant was operating without a valid license. The administration had first issued a notice, after which this action was taken. Let us tell you that the staff of 'Aquila' had refused entry to a woman who came wearing a sari last week. She said that Saree does not come in a smart dress.

Lock imposed after notice

Confirming the action, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) Mayor Mukesh Suryan said that the 'Aquila' restaurant has been closed for the time being. He said that this restaurant named 'Aquila' was running without a valid license. We had issued him a notice of closure. After that it is now closed. This restaurant was running without permission. Therefore, we are also exploring the possibility of other action including the provision of imposition of fine under the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (DMC) Act. also accused of possession of land

SDMC officials said on Wednesday that the notice for closure of Aquila restaurant located at Ansal Plaza in Andrews Ganj was issued on September 24. It said that the Public Health Inspector of the area, on investigation on September 21, found that the establishment was operating in an unhygienic condition without a health trade license. Not only this, the restaurant has also illegally occupied public land.

This was said in the notice

The notice issued by the SDMC said, "The Public Health Inspector inspected the site again on 24 September and found that the business was going on in the same condition." Restaurant was also informed that they are directed to close the business within 48 hours from the date of receipt of this notice failing which appropriate action may be taken including sealing without issuing any notice. In response to this, the owner of Aquila said that the business has been immediately closed and it will not be run without SDMC trade license.

What is the whole controversy?

In a Facebook post last week, a woman had claimed that she was denied entry to 'Aquila' restaurant just because she was wearing a Saree. The woman had also posted a video of a scuffle with the restaurant's staff. In the video, an employee was shown saying that a Saree is not a smart dress. At the same time, the restaurant said that the woman quarreled with her staff. He was asked to wait as there was no reservation in his name. The restaurant had said in its statement that the manager said this so that the woman could leave and the situation could be handled.


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