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'Running Boy' Pradeep's luck shines after going viral, Yogi Sarkar extended a helping hand

The luck of viral running boy Pradeep, who is running on the streets of Noida, has shone. Seeing his passion, the Yogi government has extended a helping hand.

Viral running boy: Pradeep, who runs during the night, has become a famous face of the viral world. The video of Pradeep talking while running had gone viral. The next morning Pradeep became famous not only in the country but also in other countries. Now the Yogi government of UP has extended a helping hand for the viral running boy.

Pradeep Mehra's spirit did not break even in the crisis

In the viral video, Pradeep Mehra had said that he wants to join the army, the financial condition of the family is not good and the mother is also ill. Mother's treatment is going on in a hospital in Delhi for 2 years. He works in a food point to meet the expenses. He had told that due to lack of time from work, he runs from office to home for running practice. He runs and covers a distance of more than 10 kilometres. Almost every person connected with social media has come to know about these things of Pradeep. Everyone is saluting Pradeep's spirit.

Now Yogi government extended a helping hand

After knowing about Pradeep Mehra's struggle and his passion, the UP government has also extended a helping hand. Pradeep was called on Tuesday by Suhas LY, DM of Gautam Budh Nagar, to his office. The DM spoke to Pradeep and his brother for about 15 minutes and listened to their problems calmly.

Pradeep's long conversation with DM Suhas LY

In a conversation with the DM, Pradeep told that he is 12th pass and could not take admission in graduation. His wish is that he joins the Indian Army to serve the country, for which he is working hard.

DM will guide Pradeep for further studies

Pradeep told the DM that he has got offers from many institutes and colleges to study after the video went viral. All the institutes are ready to admit him free of cost. The DM told Pradeep that he would tell Pradeep which college he should take admission in and also talked about counselling his career.

Help will also be available in the treatment of the sick mother

The DM also asked questions about Pradeep's ailing mother. Please tell me that Pradeep's mother is battling TB. He is being treated at a Delhi hospital for the last two years. DM has taken all the documents related to the treatment of Pradeep's mother. The DM told Pradeep that he would show all the reports of his mother to the hospital in Gautam Buddha Nagar and if possible, get his mother's treatment done here as well.


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