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Some people are trying to remove BJP by telling lies, but the public is our security shield: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that some people are conspiring to remove the BJP by telling lies, but they should keep in mind that the people of this country are the strongest security shield of the BJP.

New Delhi: At a rally campaigning for the Bharatiya Janata Party for the Tripura assembly elections, PM Modi said that the people of Tripura have made up their minds. A double-engine government is going to be formed here once again. PM Modi said, "This is my first public meeting for areelections and here I see such a huge number, as far as I can see. People are visible."

The people of Tripura have been freed from the donors - PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi said that the party has set new goals for the poor, youth, mothers, sisters and tribals of Tripura and has resolved to fulfill them. People of Tripura have to remember that with the power of your one vote, Tripura has been freed from the misrule of the Left. He said that earlier one used to hear only one word in Tripura 'Chanda'. He had given a license to loot people in the name of donations for three decades. We have freed the people of Tripura from the donors.

Mother Tripura Sundari's blessings on Tripura - PM Modi

PM Modi said that Tripura is blessed by Mother Tripura Sundari. Our government is developing Tripura with three powers, that is housing, health and income. Housing, health and income is making life easier for the people of Tripura.

Now violence and backwardness are not the identities of Tripura

Earlier only one party was allowed to hoist the flag in Tripura, but today the BJP government has freed Tripura from fear, intimidation and violence. The Congress and the Left had pushed Tripura backwards in terms of development, but our government has brought Tripura on the track of rapid development in just five years.

PM Modi said that earlier in Tripura only leftist cadres used to get benefits of government schemes but now every citizen is getting benefits of government schemes. CPM even at the police stations. There was cadre occupation but the BJP government has established a rule of law in the state.


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