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Strong Protests against Bangladesh in 150 countries around the world against killings of Hindus

Iskcon Protest In 150 Countries: Protests are being held in 700 ISKCON temples around the world against the killing of Hindus in Bangladesh. Prayers are being offered for those killed.

image source: the indian express

Dhaka: Protests are taking place all over the world against the attack on Hindus and temples in Bangladesh. Today, in about 150 countries, protests are taking place against Bangladesh in all ISKCON temples. Prayers are being offered for the victims of Bangladesh on behalf of ISKCON temple.

Hindu temples were targeted

The way Hindu temples have been targeted and Hindus are being attacked in Bangladesh, people associated with ISKCON are deeply saddened by it. Due to this, protests are being held in 150 countries including America, Russia, Australia and India. People are standing with the minorities living in Bangladesh and demanding the protection of the Hindu community.

Mob vandalized the Iskcon Temple

17 Hindu temples have been attacked in Bangladesh. There have been attacks for the past several years. The mob vandalized the ISKCON temple in Bangladesh. Apart from this, the Durga Pandal was also vandalised. There was a fight with the devotees. 6 people lost their lives in the attack. The condition of many pilgrims is critical and the Hindu community is in shock due to the attacks.

Tribute to the dead

Protests are also taking place in Kolkata's ISKCON temple in West Bengal. Tributes were paid by lighting candles and offering flowers in front of the photos of the people of the minority community killed in Bangladesh. Protests are being held in 700 temples of ISKCON across the world. People are protesting peacefully by doing bhajan-kirtan.

Radha Raman Das, spokesperson of Kolkata's ISKCON temple, said the protest started from Tokyo and will continue till Toronto. There will be a protest in Kolkata for 12 hours. From Europe to America, people are protesting.


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