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Swati Maliwal narrated the painful incident, said- My father sexually abused me in childhood.....

Swati Maliwal, Chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), while making her statement said, 'My own father used to sexually abuse me when I was young. Used to beat a lot, used to beat a lot... When he used to come to the house, I used to get very scared, I used to hide under the bed many times.

New Delhi: Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chairperson Swati Maliwal made a very sensational disclosure on Saturday. She has accused her father of sexually abusing her in childhood. Swati Maliwal said in a conversation with news agency ANI, 'My own father used to sexually abuse me when I was young.

Used to beat a lot, used to beat a lot… When he used to come home, I was very scared, many times I used to hide under the bed and spend the whole night planning how to get women their rights and this kind of man exploit women, they exploit girls, I will teach them a lesson.

Sharing his experience, DCW Chief said, I still remember. When he used to come to kill me, he used to hold me by my hair and banged me hard on the wall… Blood kept flowing, there were a lot of agonies…

But I believe that when a person suffers a lot of torture then only he can understand the pain of others. Only then such a fire awakens inside him so that he can shake the whole system. Perhaps the same happened to me and all our awardees have a similar story.

He said, 'Those people (who got the award) learned to fight with their lives and learned to rise above that problem. Today, many such strong women are present with us, who have faced their problems firmly.

On the other hand, when asked about the sexual abuse that happened to her, Swati Maliwal told that this incident took place when she was studying in the fourth class, till then she lived with her father.

On the other hand, referring to the misbehaviour with a Japanese woman in Delhi on the day of Holi, DCW chief Swati Maliwal said, 'Some people tried to paint a Japanese woman on the pretext of Holi and molested her. It is seen in the viral video that how the woman is shouting and asking for help. We are issuing a notice to Delhi Police. Those people should be arrested.


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