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The Sixth wave of Corona started in Europe

In many countries of Europe, cases of coronavirus infection have been increasing for a few weeks.

In many countries of Europe, cases of coronavirus infection have been increasing for a few weeks. It is believed that the sixth wave of the corona has started in the countries of Europe including Britain. The figures also confirm this. The BA.2 subtype of the Omicron polymorph of the virus is believed to be the reason behind the increase in cases of corona infection.

According to the John Hopkins Corona Virus Center, an increase of 84 per cent cases has been registered in Finland last week. There have been more than 62,500 cases in a week. Similarly, in Switzerland, weekly cases came to 1,82,190 with an increase of 45 per cent. The weekly increase in corona cases in Britain has been 31 per cent and during this time 4,14,480 cases have been registered here.

Similarly, in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy, the number of corona cases and hospitalized patients is increasing. However, so far only a decrease in corona cases is being recorded in America. Experts believe that like Europe, an increase in cases can also be seen in America. Viral scientists say the ba.2 subtype of the Omicron polymorph of the virus is behind the rise in cases in Europe.

Relaxation in Corona related restrictions in European countries

In view of the reduction in corona infection, most European countries announced a relaxation of corona related restrictions for their citizens. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lifted all restrictions last month. At the same time, Johnson had announced that if there is a wave of corona in the future, he will pay more attention to vaccination instead of a complete ban. France also recently relaxed restrictions related to Corona. Here now the certificate of vaccination before going to public places is not being seen. Germany recorded 2.5 million cases and 250 deaths on Wednesday, despite restrictions being eased here.

An increasing number of patients in the hospital

In Britain on Monday, 10,576 patients were hospitalized for treatment of corona infection. According to Britain's National Health Service (NHS), the number of patients in hospitals is increasing by 25 per cent per week in the country. There is no area in the country where this is not happening.

Daily cases of infection double in China

On Tuesday, twice the daily cases of coronavirus infection were reported in China compared to the day before. China is facing the biggest outbreak ever since the early days of the global pandemic. The National Health Commission said that there were 3,507 new cases of infection in 24 hours, compared to 1,337 daily cases a day before that. In China, cases of infection are once again increasing rapidly due to the highly contagious 'stealth omicron' form of the coronavirus. Jilin province of Northeast China has the highest number of 2,601 cases of infection.


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