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The weather took a turn in Delhi-NCR, the rain gave relief from the heat

The rain in Delhi-NCR has brought great relief from the heat, but due to the sudden change in the weather, the cold has started bothering people and people have started taking out warm clothes from the boxes. The same situation is in UP as well, here too it has rained in many parts.

New Delhi: The weather has once again taken a turn in the national capital Delhi and NCR and it has rained heavily in many areas here. Due to the unseasonal rains, the public got relief from the heat during the day, but the weather again turned cold.

The weather was visible in UP for the last 4-5 days. It has rained in many parts of the region and it is likely to continue like this till March 25. There are many districts where the news of hailstorms has come to the fore. This is the reason why the Meteorological Department issued an orange alert for 72 districts here.

Where the youth are seen in enthusiasm due to the unseasonal rains, the lines of worry are visible on the foreheads of the farmers. Farmers suffer a lot from such rains as the standing crop gets damaged.


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