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UP: Security increased in Ayodhya after 2 terrorists caught in Delhi, Aadhaar cards being checked

Ayodhya CO Shailendra Gautam has told that security has been increased in the city and the Aadhaar cards of people coming here are being checked. He said that whatever action can be taken as per the law is being done.

New Delhi: Security has been increased in Ayodhya after the arrest of 2 terrorists in Delhi. In this case, the statement of Ayodhya's CO Shailendra Gautam has also come to the fore.

He said, 'Checking is being done at sensitive intersections of the city. People entering Ayodhya are being asked for citizenship and Aadhaar card.

According to the information received, there was a strong security arrangement in Ayodhya on Monday.

During this, the police launched an intensive checking campaign and searched the vehicles by stopping them. Heavy checking was also done at Ayodhya and Cantt railway stations.

It has been reported that the checking has also been tightened around the major temples of Ayodhya. Security agencies are also taking information about those staying in hotels and dharamshalas. Police is also in alert mode on the Saryu coast.


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