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Uproar in Punjab after Amritpal's arrest, Nihangs came on the road with swords in Mohali, Section 14

Amritpal Singh, the head of the pro-Khalistan Waris De Punjab faction in Pakistan, has been arrested by the Punjab Police. Internet services have been suspended in Punjab till Sunday.

New Delhi: Big news has come to the fore regarding Waris Punjab De Mukhi Amritpal Singh. According to the information received, Amritpal Singh, the chief of pro-Khalistan Waris Punjab De, has been arrested by the Punjab Police. Earlier, 6 associates of Amritpal Singh were arrested with weapons. It is being told that after the arrest of six people, the police have also recovered weapons from them.

Actually, the police were following Amritpal Singh's convoy. During this, the police recovered 2 vehicles. There are 3 cases registered against Amritpal Singh. Out of which 2 are related to hate speech. According to sources, the police made the arrest near Mahitpur police station near Dharamkot.

After the arrest of Amritpal in Punjab, Nihangs came on the road with swords, and section 144 was implemented in many districts. Security has been beefed up across the state from Mehtapura in Jalandhar and areas around Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Sub Inspector Balraj Singh says, "This security is for law and order duty."

Minister Balbir Singh said this

When asked about the action against Amritpal Singh, Punjab minister Balbir Singh says, "Our Chief Minister has restored the rule of law. The law will take its course against violators. There is no discrimination. Not so That people died of spurious liquor and no one is responsible. Or debauchery happened and no one is responsible. This is called the rule of law."

According to sources, as soon as the Punjab Police cordoned off, Amritpal himself ran away in a car through the link road and after one and a half hours, the police nabbed him. About 100 vehicles of Punjab Police followed him. Amritpal is reported to have been arrested from the Nakodar area of Jalandhar.

Internet services are suspended in Punjab till tomorrow

Amritpal Singh may also be arrested in Punjab and the police have launched an operation for this, Internet service has been stopped in entire Punjab. States that all mobile internet services, all SMS services (except banking and mobile recharge) and all dongle services provided over mobile networks except voice calls in the territorial jurisdiction of Punjab will be suspended from March 19 (12:00 hrs) The protests will remain closed till March 19 as the state police has initiated arrest proceedings against Khalistani sympathizer 'Waris Punjab De' chief Amritpal Singh and his associates.

The policemen are after 'Bhai Saab'

Hardline Sikh leader and Khalistani sympathizer Amritpal Singh has become increasingly active in Punjab over the past few weeks as his supporters clashed with police at the Ajnala police station on the outskirts of Amritsar last month demanding the release of one of Amritpal's aides. On Saturday, six associates of Amritpal were detained in Jalandhar, news agency PTI reported. Some supporters of the 'Waris Punjab De' chief shared some videos on social media claiming that policemen were chasing them. In a video, Amritpal can be heard sitting in a vehicle and telling one of his associates that the policemen are after 'Bhai Saab' (Amritpal), PTI reported. Officials said internet services would remain suspended in Punjab till Sunday.


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