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Way cleared for MCD elections in Delhi, notification of ward delimitation issued

After the approval of the delimitation report from the central government, the way has been cleared for the MCD elections. For a long time, "Cold Fight" was happening between AAP and BJP on the issue of elections.

New Delhi: The Central Government has approved the final report submitted on the delimitation of the wards of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). With this, the way has now been cleared for the municipal elections in the capital Delhi.

After the completion of the delimitation work, the central government issued a notification late at night. According to the new delimitation, now the number of wards in Delhi has come down to 250. Before the delimitation, the number of wards was 272. At the same time, out of the total 250 wards in the new delimitation, 42 wards will be reserved for Scheduled Castes.

The delimitation committee submitted the report on Monday

The Delimitation Committee submitted its final report to the Central Government on Monday. This delimitation has been done on the basis of the 2011 population. With the issuance of the gazette notification by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the delimitation exercise has been completed. With this, the way for MCD elections has now been cleared. Now the Central Government can direct the State Election Commission to start the election process.

Corporation elections are pending since April

Municipal elections in Delhi are pending since April this year. According to corporation officials, the delimitation exercise should be considered complete after the gazette notification. In July this year, the Home Ministry constituted a three-member committee for the fresh delimitation of MCD wards in Delhi. After delimitation, the Delhi State Election Commission will mark and reserve seats for women and scheduled caste people and issue a notification. Earlier, the central government had decided to merge the three municipal corporations.

"Cold Fight" in BJP-AAP regarding municipal elections

There was a long political dispute between the BJP and the common man regarding the municipal elections. Both parties accused each other of postponing the election. The Aam Aadmi Party had alleged that the BJP was postponing the municipal elections due to fear of defeat. Now that the delimitation work has been completed, it is expected that the municipal elections may be announced soon.


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