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Delhi connection of Mumbai drugs case, NCB team reached Bandra hotel to investigate the accused

NCB once again called Ananya Pandey for questioning in the drugs case and on Monday.

image source: the economic times

New Delhi: As the strings of the Bollywood Drugs Case are opening, the names of many famous star kids are coming to the fore. The story of the drug troupe that started with Aryan Khan is currently stalled on Ananya Pandey. On Friday, NCB once again called Ananya Pandey for questioning in the drugs case and on Monday, Ananya will be questioned again regarding this case. At present, Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan's manager Pooja Dadlani is being questioned.

NCB team reached Taj Land Hotel

A team of NCB has reached Hotel Taj Land in Bandra. According to sources, the team has reached the hotel to get information related to the people of Delhi who were staying in Mumbai, some of whom were arrested. The team has gone to get all the information in which hotel those people were staying, what documents they had deposited in the hotel.

According to NCB sources, when Ananya Pandey will be questioned on Monday, then there will be no questioning on the basis of WhatsApp chats only. The NCB will also question Ananya Pandey on Monday regarding suspicious financial transactions, statements of the accused and electronic evidence.

NCB has called Ananya Pandey again on Monday at 11 am after questioning for 2 days. According to NCB sources, NCB wants to complete its preparations before questioning on Monday.

According to NCB sources, 7 electronic gadgets of actress Ananya Pandey have been sent for forensic examination. These also include mobiles and laptops. Through this forensic investigation, NCB wants to know those chats and other details, which may have been deleted. NCB wants to retrieve these chats. If this retrieved data comes by Monday, then Ananya Pandey will also be questioned on the basis of that.

Even before the interrogation on Friday, NCB caught a drug peddler from Mumbai who is said to be a link between Aryan Khan and Ananya Pandey. Apart from this, NCB has also made some recovery from that accused on Thursday night itself. The connection of the arrested person has also been found with the accused Achit Kumar, Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant. It is believed that some more faces of Bollywood can come in the action of NCB.

It is also reported quoting sources that actress Ananya Pandey told NCB that she was talking about cigarettes. In her explanation, Ananya has also denied taking drugs or knowing any drug peddler. Now Ananya will be questioned once again on Monday.

On the other hand, a separate dispute has started between NCB and NCP. NCP is accusing NCB in many ways regarding the drugs case. However, these allegations have been vehemently denied by the zonal director of NCB. But now NCP leader and minister in Maharashtra government Nawab Malik has made a new allegation. Nawab Malik says that he is getting threatening calls.

It is reported quoting sources that Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey will have to appear before the NCB again on Monday. NCB can once again interrogate Ananya Pandey regarding the disclosure of the drugs case in WhatsApp chat. On Friday, NCB questioned Ananya Pandey for about 4 hours.

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan's manager Pooja Dadlani has reached the NCB office in Mumbai. She will be asked questions related to the Bollywood drugs case. NCB can also ask her about Aryan Khan.

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