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The world's trees are being burnt to ashes in a forest fire, America took an emergency step

During the last two years in America, due to forest fires, about 20 per cent of the huge Sequoia trees have been burnt to ashes.

The US Department of Forest Service said on Friday that it is taking emergency steps to save the world's giant tree 'Sekua' from wildfires. Under this, some projects will be started in the coming weeks. In the US, in the last two years, due to forest fires, about 20 per cent of the giant sequoia trees have been burnt to ashes.

Forest Service Chief Randy Moore said in a statement, "If immediate steps are not taken, wildfires could destroy countless historic giant sequoia trees." It is part of an ongoing series of efforts to save the species.

There are about 70 sequoia trees in the Sierra Nevada range of central California. Most of these trees are around Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and some extend further north into Yosemite National Park.

People evacuated from Arizona

At the same time, workers from California to New Mexico were seen struggling to control wildfires due to hot, dry weather and wind blowing in the western US last month. Hundreds of people were forced to leave their homes due to the fire. Hundreds of people were evacuated as a precaution from the outskirts of Flagstaff in Arizona due to wildfires.

There was no report of any house being caught in the fire, although the fire had spread to about 20 square kilometres. More than two dozen houses were destroyed in the fire that broke out here about a month and a half ago. Coconino County Sheriff's spokesman John Paxton said, "It's the same horrific scene. We're in the same situation again and are doing the same things we were doing about a month and a half ago."

In many states of the western US, this time there was a forest fire at the beginning of spring, where the fire spreads rapidly due to climate change, dry forests and grasslands. The land destroyed in fires so far this year is more than double the 10-year national average. According to the 'National Interagency Fire Center', more than 6,200 firefighters fighting forest fires nationally are trying to douse the forest fires at more than three dozen places. So far 4,408 sq km of land has been affected by the fire incident.


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